Cleaning Your Home’s “High-Touch” Surfaces

Resident’s of Brevard County, Florida are cleaning their homes more than ever. However, are they cleaning it well? Is the question. One quick tip that is very effective at keeping unwanted germs and bacteria at bay is to be sure you are cleaning “high touch” surface areas daily. This includes surfaces such as: sink faucets and knobs, door knobs, phones, light switches, table surfaces, computers, kitchen and bathroom counters, dining chairs, toilets, toys, game controllers, tv remote controls, and more. The best way to clean these various surfaces around your home is to begin with getting rid of dust and dirt by using a multi-purpose cleaning spray, use a fresh paper towel or cleaning cloth for each surface. Next, to ensure bacteria is cleaned, you can use a surface appropriate cleaner for each surface. Examples include, but are not limited to: lysol, clorox (bleach), isopropyl alcohol and even hydrogen peroxide. Always do your ‘due diligence’ when seeing if cleaning solutions are compatible with the surface, and other cleaning solutions they may come into contact with.

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